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Cal-Adapt Analytics Engine

The Analytics Engine provides computational and analytical resources to foster use of climate data in research and planning. It is part of the new Cal-Adapt Enterprise that aims to provide climate data and analytics for California’s ambitious energy and climate goals.

The Analytics Engine is co-produced, meaning the content and format of what can be found here is developed collaboratively by connecting data producers (scientists and modelers), technical staff (programmers and developers) and user-stakeholders.

The primary funding for the Analytics Engine is provided by the California Energy Commission and Amazon Sustainability.

Intended Audience

The Analytics Engine is optimized for big data computational analysis of CMIP6 downscaled climate data using the power of the cloud provided by Amazon Web Services.

This guide is intended for a technical user with prior computing experience who needs to query and analyze high resolution downscaled climate data for any of the following:

  • Understand regional or event-specific risks
  • Make specific sectoral decisions to improve climate resiliency
  • Process climate data for input into other models

If you are a user looking for fast interactive tools and data visualizations of climate data for California please visit the Cal-Adapt website.

Note: the Cal-Adapt website currently hosts CMIP5 downscaled climate data for California. The CMIP6 downscaled data will be added to tools and data visualizations on Cal-Adapt in the future.

Getting Started

The Analytics Engine is hosted on Amazon Web Services and built using open source scientific tools provided by the Pangeo community. It leverages distributed parallel computing to efficiently query and analyze large multidimensional climate datasets stored in Amazon S3 buckets.

We provide an interactive cloud-based environment to access the climate data and analytical toolkits in your browser via the Analytics Engine JupyterHub.

Questions about Analytics Engine

If you have more questions, please email us.

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