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Use Cases

About the notebooks

You may preview the following Jupyter notebooks containing example code that demonstrate real world use cases of the Analytics Engine. The notebooks provide step-by-step functionality to access, analyze, and plot climate data available on the Analytics Engine, and the notebooks can be used as-is or serve as a starting point to adapt to a specific organization’s needs, workflows, and particular applications. Tools included in the notebooks provide examples for how to work with both the historical and projection data on the platform, and demonstrate how to move from the climate variables provided through the Analytics Engine to actionable information that can inform decision-making and evaluate risks.

These specific use cases include:

  • “Hourly climate profiles” (for future time periods) as inputs into production cost, energy load forecasting, and other models.

  • Threshold-based analytics for asset-by-asset vulnerability assessments and updating design standards.

Notebook previews

In the future we plan on adding the ability to preview these notebooks in an interactive environment, for now they may be viewed statically only.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Threshold Tools Example
  3. Timeseries Example