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About Analytics Engine

What is the Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine?

A team of academic, technical, and policy leaders are building the Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine, a climate data platform, supported with analytics and metrics tailored to meet California’s electricity sector climate adaptation, vulnerability/risk assessment, and design specification needs. This platform will enable a transition from climate vulnerability assessments to decision support for investor-owned utilities and other stakeholders.

We are excited to invite anyone who is interested to read about the progress we made in 2022 with our Analytics Engine Annual Report.

The Innovative Approach

To create science-based decision-support tools for the electricity sector, the Analytics Engine team co-develops novel, industry-specific climate data relevant to regionalized service areas through curated conversations and working groups with potential users and decision-makers. These novel data and tailored tools allow electricity-sector users to complete specific analyses that support decision-making. This co-development approach requires an interdisciplinary team with expertise in climate science, data management, and electricity sector engagement; we provide this expertise through a public-private partnership including Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, UCLA Center for Climate Science, Geospatial Innovation Facility, Spatial Informatics Group, Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. and Eagle Rock Analytics.

Platform Development

We will develop CA’s Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine, an open-source and publicly accessible platform designed to: (1) use climate data more effectively for climate resilience planning in the electricity sector and to (2) empower CA’s Climate Change Assessment research. Our approach consists of three steps: (1) develop an open and transparent data platform architecture, (2) deploy a computing sandbox to enable co-generation of resilience analytics and (3) guide and train users to spur widespread adoption of the platform. This platform will ultimately produce downscaled climate model data at a high spatial and temporal resolution for more effective analytical uses in the electricity sector.

Project Benefits

  • Actionable climate data leading to decision-support tools for resilience planning.

  • Enhanced coordination between electric utility staff, researchers, scientists, practitioners and platform developers.

  • Projections, metrics, and analytics coupled with a range of potential applications for each.

  • Guidance to direct users to the most appropriate data/analysis for their needs.

  • An open platform for reliable and trustworthy data, tools, and capacity curated by multi-disciplinary experts.

  • Opportunities for users to contribute to platform development.

  • Opportunities for electric utilities to leverage the Analytics Engine outputs with existing and past research from within the electricity sector.

Questions about Analytics Engine

If you have more questions, please email us.