Analytics Overview

The Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine is designed to provide access and tools to utilize the rich set of climate data downscaled for California. The methodology for the prioritization of these tools is showcased in our section “Co-Production Process,” and is focused on gauging actual users’ needs of the data and incrementally developing working analytics tools in concert with users.

These tools are open source; we welcome feedback, suggestions, and requests for improvements, future features, and bug fixes in the applications produced. Guidelines for user contributions are available in the climakitae documentation.

Our team’s mission for this project is to support informed decision making for California, inclusive of the best available climate science, on a variety of energy sector topics.

The resources below detail the tools produced and under development.


Information on the Analytics Engine notebooks, including: what is an Analytics Engine notebook, the notebook development process, and their intended applications.

Example Applications

Three specific examples of how Analytics Engine notebooks could be utilized in decision making and risk assessment.

Training Resources

Detailed documentation of toolkits developed for working with climate data on the Analytics Engine and external resources for Jupyter Hub and other technical tools used on the platform.