Analytics Engine Data Catalog

The following datasets are available for use on the Analytics Engine, including future climate projections and historical climate from Global Climate Models (GCMs), as well as a historical reconstruction (reanalysis data based on modeling and empirical weather observations).

GCM data is available for three domains at 45-km, 9-km (Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) region), and 3-km (CA) resolutions, downscaled using the Weather Research and Forecasting model ( WRF ) by UCLA in support of EPC-20-006, with more data from (LOCA Localized Constructed Analogs) statistical downscaling coming soon. Descriptions of hourly variables available from WRF downscaling can be viewed in this table.

To explore a range of scenarios and models, data are provided from three Shared Scenario Pathways ( SSPs ) representing global emissions trajectories from intermediate to higher trajectories: SSP 2-4.5, SSP3-7.0, SSP5-8.5. These GCMs have been examined for their ability to capture the relevant characteristics of the climate in California based on a rigorous GCM skill evaluation process. More details on the GCM selection process are available here.

You may view a dataset’s metadata such as source, institution, frequency, etc. by clicking on its title. The dataset title includes information about the downscaling method (WRF), model name (such as CESM2 or ERA5), SSP, and spatial resolution.